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We are located in Minden, Nevada just east of the Sierras. We believe all individuals should have access to the physical, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of life. Please earn more about us!


We have many different services available to meet your needs. Beneficial Designs provides highly efficient assessment and transition plan services to identify hazards and access issues in the sidewalk and outdoor recreation environments.

Wheelchair Testing

We can insure that your manual and powered wheelchair products will be tested to meet the requirements necessary for Pricing, Data Analysis and Coding (PDAC), 510k submission to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and/or United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) submission.

Sidewalk Assessment

Sidewalk assessment services are available; our sidewalk assessors are assessing college campuses and cities all across the country using the Public Rights-of-Way Assessment Process—PROWAP—electronics and software. Call today to see how our services can help you identify tripping and ADA liabilities.

Outdoor Recreation Assessment Equipment

Our trail assessment products and software have been developed to enable you to locate liabilities and access issues. We are constantly developing the right tools to efficiently assess all outdoor environments for the safety and enjoyment of people of all abilities.

Surface Measurement Tools

The Rotational Penetrometer is a precision instrumented surface indenter for measuring the firmness and stability of ground and floor surfaces, such as trails, playgrounds, and carpets. The Rotational Penetrometer is the only device of its kind—a reliable, objective, portable instrument for testing surface firmness and stability.

Mapping and Signage

The Architectural Barriers Act—ABA—requires that trail signage contain Trail Access Information, which is created from data collected during trail assessments using the Universal Trail Assessment Process (UTAP) and the High Efficiency Trail Assessment Process (HETAP). All trail users find grade, cross slope, tread width, surface, and obstruction information useful for the enjoyment of trails.

Trail Training

Onsite training is available to become a certified Trail Assessment Coordinator using the Universal Trail Assessment Process (UTAP) and to become proficient in the use of the High Efficiency Trail Assessment Process (HETAP) hardware and software.

Pax Press Publications

Published books include The Manual Wheelchair Training Guide, The Powered Wheelchair Training Guide, and A Guide to Wheelchair Selection. These guides provide new and experienced users and rehabilitation professionals with valuable reference materials.

Research and Development

We are working on new technologies that will make your access issues disappear. We are currently developing an application for mobile devices that will enable the efficient assessment of all outdoor recreation environments, including picnic and camping areas, outdoor recreation trails, and access routes.

Expert Witness Services

Peter Axelson can assist as an expert witness for powered and manual mobility devices. He has knowledge and experience related to the training of mobility device users and the design, manufacturing, prescription, fitting, and usage of mobility devices. He also has the expertise to assess the environment in which the accident may have occurred.

Sidewalk Assessment

More than 400 miles of sidewalk and a dozen college campuses in 5 states have been  assessed. Allow us to help your city with all your assessment needs.

Expert Witness Services

If you or somone you know needs an expert witness for forensic testing of mobility devices, contact us today!

Press Releases

Our team has worked hard on releasing the newest versions of the trail assessment equipment and software as well as the rotational penetrometer an instrumented surface indentor. 

Wheelchair Testing

We are always performing wheelchair testing requested by manufacturers. Check out what options you have when choosing Beneficial Designs.

Software Developer

We are seeking Lead Software Developer for Work on Outdoor Assessment Application
Contractor 25-40 hours per week

Beneficial Designs is seeking an experienced Python/Elixir developer to help develop, operate, and maintain our next-generation assessment platform.

Our Remote Sensor Assessment Technologies (RSAT) platform consists of software and sensor hardware for assessment of outdoor trails, public rights-of-way (sidewalks), and outdoor recreation facilities.

Our platform consists of:

  • a mobile device using a web browser
  • an embedded data collection device (Raspberry Pi or equivalent) running a web based data collection application and a synchronized network data store
  • a cloud application for data storage and analysis
  • a web-based interface for editing, querying, and exporting data, and a web-based project management interface.

As the Beneficial Designs’ Lead Software Developer of our RSAT product, you will be responsible for designing, implementing and deploying the mobile client and cloud platform with the assistance of our Embedded Systems Engineer.

You must have strong communication skills and are able to articulate complex software structures to your teammates effectively. You must be comfortable working independently on a large project and be able to assign priorities, pace your work, and delegate responsibility effectively. You must be familiar with open source resources and be able to build upon these into your work when relevant.

You must have relevant experience developing complex Python and/or Elixir applications, including experience with Django, Phoenix, or equivalent web frameworks. Familiarity with GeoDjango, PostGis, and overall geospatial data manipulation will be beneficial.

You must have experience administering and deploying to small cloud infrastructure resources, including familiarity with Linux, FreeBSD, or SmartOS. You must be able to manage firewalls and understand security best practices.

You must be familiar with configuration management/deployment tools such as Ansible or Salt. You must be familiar with automated testing, unit tests, and integration tests.

You must have basic knowledge of front-end development and frameworks such as React Native or the Elm Architecture.

A basic understanding of embedded systems will be helpful, with emphasis on embedded Linux on Raspberry Pi hardware.

Please send a cover letter with resume and CV to peter (at) beneficialdesigns.com