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developed outdoor recreation signage

feature signage

developed outdoor
recreation signage

beneficial information

In order to present essential feature access information to the public, Beneficial Designs provides Developed Outdoor Recreation Access Information signage. Formatted like the Trail Access Information (TAI) SignPost, our Campsite, Picnic Site, Water Trail, or other Access Information signs display objective information in a Nutrition Facts label style, making data simple and clear. Any of the following designs may be adjusted to meet specific needs and locations.

signage content

priority usage

Because certain outdoor developed recreation areas may be limited, it is important to reserve these accessible sites for people with mobility impairment. Specific instructions regarding priority usage are included on the sign, indicating specific times a site is reserved for people requiring access and mobility features.

accessible elements

An outdoor recreation site intended for use by people with mobility impairments may still contain certain features that are not accessible. A list of all accessible elements, including any important additional information specific to each feature is included on each sign.

reset before you go

Neglecting to return a site to its original and intended setup may produce inaccessible results. A simple diagram of the proper layout for adjustable sites is displayed in order to ensure accessibility for the next users.

water access

Water trail access information provides additional information, such as amenities and allowed uses, objective access route information, transfer area information, and tide fluctuation.

access signage

click an image to see a feature access sign

click an image to see a feature access sign