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Wheelchair Training Guides

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Need for Training Guides
Many wheelchair users unnecessarily limit their activities to familiar environments because they have not learned the skills to access other areas independently. Many wheelchair accidents occur due to a lack of training. Instructional resources would help wheelchair users, their assistants, and clinicians learn safe and efficient wheelchair skills, as well as increase overall wheelchair user independence. Proper training can potentially decrease the frequency of wheelchair accidents and reduce instances of improper mobility assistance.

Project Goal
This project will create comprehensive wheelchair training guides that teach manual and powered wheelchair users how to access diverse environments safely. The two guides (one for powered and the other for manual wheelchairs) will provide new and experienced users and rehabilitation professionals with valuable reference materials.

Focus Group Input
In November 1994, Beneficial Designs began convening focus groups of manual wheelchair users, powered wheelchair users, and rehabilitation professionals. Each group was asked which topics and skills they felt the guides should include and how to accomplish or teach these techniques.

Training Guide Format
A format to present the information was developed from focus group comments. For each skill, the guides list a goal, the prerequisite skills, and describes step-by-step instructions. Lessons include how to accomplish the skill with a spotter, how to accomplish the skill alone, and how to instruct an assistant to help. Numerous illustrations were created to help demonstrate each skill.

Written in a friendly, easy-to-understand style, the guides cover wheelchair components and functions, basic maneuvering skills, navigating indoor and outdoor terrain, and special skills required for powered wheelchairs. In addition to specific techniques, the guides show wheelchair users how to judge the accessibility of specific environments, ask for help, and handle emergency situations.

Wheelchair Training Guides
The Manual Wheelchair Training Guide and The Powered Wheelchair Training Guide, written by Peter Axelson, Jean Minkel, Anita Perr and Denise Yamada, are available through PAX Press, a division of Beneficial Designs, Inc.

This project was funded by the Paralyzed Veterans of America Spinal Cord Injury Education and Training Foundation (contract #EFT 238-94), and Beneficial Designs, Inc.