Powered Wheelchair Training Guide

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Powered Wheelchair Training Guide

Powered Wheelchair Training Guide Excerpts.

The Powered Wheelchair Training Guide can help powered wheelchair users and their training assistants develop the skills to effectively maneuver through commonly encountered environments such as ramps, tight spaces, and curb ramps. The guide covers when and how to elicit the help of others, when the conditions get rough. Tips on how to use public transportation, travel in inclement weather, and obtain additional resources of interest help make this book a comprehensive reference for powered wheelchair users and professionals involved in wheelchair skills training. This publication is also useful as a textbook for Occupational and Physical Therapy programs. The easy to follow steps for assisting a powered wheelchair user are helpful for professors and students world wide.


This project was funded by the Paralyzed Veterans of America Spinal Cord Injury Education and Training Foundation (contract #EFT 238-94), and Beneficial Designs, Inc.