Tripping Hazards

The transition height between sidewalk panels

 Sidewalk Transition Height
 Transition Height Measurer

If the transition height between sidewalk panels is greater than 0.25 inches and a citizen in your community is hurt tripping on that transition, you have a problem. One of the most common personal injury cases in America involves someone tripping on a sidewalk or walkway. Often times cities, business owners, and private property owners are not aware that they are responsible tomaintain their sidewalks and make sure that dangerous conditions do not exist. A complete assessment of the sidewalk corridor is the only way to identify these potential hazards in a responsible and proactive manner. Our wireless height measurement device eliminates the physical demand of kneeling or squatting to identify trip hazards with a shim or profile gauge. PROWAP data will allow you to quickly determine the total volume of concrete that will need to be cut to bevel the transition or the surface area of panels to plan for their removal and replacement. We can provide you with the information you need to calculate the cost of repair and the geo-referenced position of every tripping hazard.


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