Design of Access Accomodations for Ski Areas

A Draft American National Standard for Adaptive Skiing Equipment has been developed. It includes general requirements for the equipment and specific requirements for the evacuation harness, retention device, braking mechanism, skid plate effectiveness, and center of mass location. To test the evacuation harness, both the loaded drop test and the static load test have been developed. Specifications for the material and the harness, as well as its attachment and instructions for use are specified.

The design and construction of retention devices is also addressed in the Standard. Strength and performance testing procedures are outlined, as well as the strength and tensioning mechanisms.

Manufacturers of adaptive equipment with lifting mechanisms are to disclose the forces required to actuate the mechanism, as well as the number of times required for the actuator to lift into a load position. The dimensions of the adaptive equipment shall be included, including the length and width of the skid plate, the loading height, and the angle of the skid plate in both skiing and loading position. Dimensional disclosures for the adaptive equipment are provided to enable better selection by adaptive skiers and programs. The effectiveness of the skid plate is tested by determining the force to pull the loaded sit ski, mono ski or bi ski forward on a 12 degree seat. The center of mass location is determined by determining how far the adaptive skier must be slid forward on the seat before it reaches its balance point.

American National Standard for Adaptive Sports Equipment 6-22-99

Sit-skis, Mono-skis and Bi-skis (SMBs)


  1. General Requirements
  2. Evacuation Harnesses
  3. Retention Devices
  4. Lifting Mechanisms
  5. SMB Dimensions
  6. Skid Plate Effectiveness
  7. Braking Mechanisms
  8. Center of Mass Location
  9. Holding Points and Pinch Points
  10. Requirements for Documentation, Labeling, and Disclosure

Normative Annex

Data Form for Testing

Informative Annex

Information Disclosure on Manufacturer's Specification Sheets

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