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TrailWare is a software tool for storing and analyzing data collected through the Universal Trail Assessment Process. The TrailWare program calculates trail characteristics such as grade, cross slope, surface and width and creates reports on the basis of trail inventories. TrailWare captures and stores information in a consistent way to allow data exchange within and between agencies and with the Trail Explorer Website.

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Project Goal

This project will develop stand-alone software that will enable trail managers to quickly and easily process their own data from the Universal Trail Assessment Process, create simple Trail Access Information signage, and identify areas requiring improvement for accessibility.

Universal Trail Assessment Process

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The Universal Trail Assessment Process (UTAP) was developed through the cooperation of federal and state land agencies and organizations focused on accessibility for people with disabilities. The UTAP is a tool for trail managers to inventory their trails for maintenance and accessibility conditions. The data collected allows trail managers to determine the percentage of any given trail within a specific range of grade, cross slope, or width. The information enables trail designers to determine if the trail meets intended specifications.

In addition, data can be processed and summarized to obtain typical and maximum grades and cross slopes, minimum widths, surface types, and magnitude and location of obstacles. This processed data is called Trail Access Information (TAI). TAI can assist individuals in making informed choices about the trails they plan to use, and obtain any necessary assistance or equipment needed to negotiate the trail safely and successfully. 

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Phase I Prototype Software

During Phase I, prototype software (TrailWare 1.0) was developed to enable trail managers to easily enter and process trail data to generate Trail Access Information, grade profiles, and trail feature reports that can be used to create trail signage and maps, and to assist with prioritizing maintenance. A user manual was developed, in-house testing was conducted, and the prototype was evaluated by federal and state land management agencies.

Phase II TrailWare 2.0

In Phase II, software functionality will be enhanced and revisions made based on feedback from trail and land management agencies. Focus groups will be conducted, and new modules implemented to increase software capabilities and effectiveness. The possible need for additional modules will also be addressed at this time. The new modules and other developments will be extensively evaluated and revisions will be made to TrailWare based on those evaluations.


This project is funded by the National Center for Medical Rehabilitation Research in the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development at the National Institutes of Health through Small Business Innovation Research Phase I Grant # 1 R43 HD36538-01 and Phase II Grant # 2 R44 HD36538-02.