E-16 Hangar

Minden-Tahoe Airport premium location now available

E-16 Hangar

Minden-Tahoe Airport premium location now available

E-16 is now available

I have been blessed to use this hangar for my Skymaster, which I fly with hand controls to facilitate the work that I do for Beneficial Designs, where we test manual and powered wheelchairs for air travel and other uses. I am selling my hangar to purchase a larger hangar that will also facilitate our work to make air travel more accessible for people who require wheelchairs for mobility. Please enjoy looking at this hangar, which is listed for sale on the Northern Nevada MLS, listed by Sam Whiteside, RE/MAX Realty Affiliates. NV license # BS036431.
775-721-5958  sam@carsonvalleyhomes.com

The listing agent is acting for the seller only.
Any buyer will need to obtain a real estate agent to submit an offer on this property.


Verbal confirmation was provided from the airport management team that the existing lease could be assumed or a new lease could be obtained. The present 25-year lease, with a 15-year option to extend, began on 2006-05-01 when the land lease was amended on 2006-05-04 (LL090) to include the additional 1812 sf area next to the hangar.

The buyer must be approved to purchase the hangar for the purpose of storing aircraft by the Minden-Tahoe airport management, Douglas County mangers and the Board of Supervisors. The county now has a two-stage review process that typically takes a minimum of 60 days for approval prior to the close of escrow.

The present owner will require the use of the hangar until the close of escrow.

The official address of the hangar is
2182 Taxiway C
Minden, NV 89423

The owner has made the best possible effort to compile this information as accurately as possible. There may be unintentional errors and omission. The listing for this property contains additional disclosures.

E-16 highlights

hangar facility features

hangar facility features

South facing hangar

perfect location

Opening to the south, the E-16 hangar is a 2500 sf. private non-commercial hangar with a Schweiss Bi-fold door. South exposure quickly melts snow for aircraft access, tiedown and parking areas. Located on an active pilot friendly row of hangars with lots of friendly pilot/mechanic interaction. The hangar is located at the west end of the E row of hangars which are all higher-end, 50 x 50 ft. hangars.

Aircraft pulled forward to exit from hangar


The hangar is 50 x 50 ft. and 18 ft. tall with a 45 ft. 3 in. door width clearance. The height of the Schweiss bifold door is presently adjusted to 11 ft. 7.25 in.

View of hangar from behind aircraft with hangar door open

E-16 hangar doors open


The man door is located on the west side of the hangar with a concrete ramp for ADA access. The man door has a Commercial grade keyless Kaba E-Plex 5000 series Programmable door lock that can be programmed with up to 18 codes.

additional space

The land lease includes another 1812 sf of potentially buildable land to the west of the hangar. The dimensions of the additional area are 50 x 45 x 45 x 34 feet, a total of 1812 sf. as shown in the addition to the land lease. There are presently 4 massive concrete embedded tie downs built to FAA specifications on this parcel along with vehicle parking. Expansion of the hangar to the west would require plans and permitting from Douglas County.

South view with aircraft tied down for departure on Taxiway Charlie

E-16 Hangar and Jobs Peak

taxiway access

The hangar has direct access to and from Taxiway Charlie.
The aircraft is shown after taxiing in from Taxiway Charlie.

Direct access to Taxiway C

taxiway access

North view from Taxiway Charlie coming in toward Hangar E-16.

tie down area

The tie down area has exterior lighting over the man door with a motion sensor.

The additional land lease area has been paved with a combination of asphalt and concrete parking areas. The owner was required to construct additional asphalt in front of the leasehold. A land lease discount was provided for a portion of the cost of the asphalt. This discount will not carry over to the new owner per the lease agreement.

The hangar does not share any common walls with adjacent hangars. A narrow parking space between hangar E-16 and E-15 (shown with its door partially open) is there for the benefit of hangar E-15.  

Sun exposure to the south quickly melts snow for aircraft access and the parking and tie down area.

North view with aircraft secured after taxiing into its tie down from Taxiway Charlie

Plane angled out in tie down area

tie down

Four massive concrete tie downs were installed in the additional parking area to FAA specifications. The four tie downs allow outside aircraft parking facing in virtually any desired orientation.

East view of aircraft tied down for runup and departure on Taxiway Charlie

Plane with Jobs peak in background

beautiful view

The hangar has a beautiful view of the Sierra Nevada mountains. The owner of hangar E-15 next door often has his couch sitting at the front of his hangar enjoying the view, the sunshine and the protection from the wind.

View of aircraft after taxiing in from Taxiway Charlie visible in the background behind the aircraft

Nose of plane in front of hangar door

hangar door

The hangar door is a Model C184C17NC3B Schweiss Bi-Fold hangar door with automatic side latching.

View across the front of the hangar with aircraft tucked inside

Hangar door motor

door motor

The hangar door is powered by a 2 H.P. motor 230 Volt single phase with remote controls on a heavy-duty rubber cord.

Schweiss Bi-fold motor and its controller.

Hangar heater

heated hangar

The fully insulated hangar has dual electric heaters TPI Corp. Model N1HUH07CA1 heaters 240 V. 7.5 KW 31.8 amp. single phase. The heaters are controlled by a Digital temperature controller to provide freeze protection in the hangar. The temperature can easily be turned up in preparation for flight or to work on the aircraft.

Insulated walls


The overhead lighting is on two different switch circuits. The hangar was built from a steel kit, purchased in approximately 2004 from R and M Steel in Caldwell, Idaho.

fans on ceiling

temperature control

Ceiling fans with variable speed control are installed on two different circuits. The hangar is fully insulated and the ceiling has never leaked.

View of aircraft inside hangar with the door closed from a right quarter view


There is shelving suspended from overhead along two sides of the hangar wall on the west and north sides. The shelving is 4 ft. deep and 86 in above the hangar floor.

View of Sierra Nevada behind hangar

near Lake Tahoe

View of hangar E-16 looking west, with the Heavenly Mountain Resort ski slopes in the background and Lake Tahoe just on the other side of the mountains.

taxiway Charlie

South view of aircraft tied down for runup and departure on Taxiway Charlie

E-16 Hangar and Jobs Peak

prime location

View of aircraft after taxiing in from Taxiway Charlie visible in the background behind the aircraft

Aircraft in hangar

Aircraft tucked into hangar for storage.

View of aircraft in hangar from overhead

View of aircraft from above when tucked into hangar for storage.

View of hangar from behind aircraft with hangar door closed.

Aircraft in hangar

Left quarter view of hangar with hangar door closed.


Controls for lighting, temperature, and fans.

E16 location

Hangar land lease addition

Hangar land lease addition