beneficial staff


Peter Axelson
Founder and Director of R&D, presents our work worldwide. He loves spending time with his daughter and is an avid mono-skier and pilot.

Ria Axelson
Office Assistant, enjoys reading, playing volleyball for her school, and skiing and traveling with her father in their light aircraft.

Bill Blythe
Facility Manager, enjoys spending time with his wife; likes to cook, play guitar, and work with computers; and leads music at his church.

Maegan Elkaraki
Research Assistant/Bookkeeper, enjoys spending time with her husband and caring for her children.

Debbie Hester
GIS Coordinator, provides GIS expertise to our trail and sidewalk assessment projects, enjoys traveling with her husband and son.

Kyle Hollingshead
Intern, writes code to assist with data conversion in our sidewalk and trail assessment projects, and enjoys off-roading, swimming, dabbling with computers and electronics, playing piano, photography, and video games.

Ben Hubbard
Graphic Artist, loves spending time with his wife and children as well as painting, studying, and hiking.

Stephen Pieters
Wheelchair Technician, enjoys riding motorcycles, fishing, and spending time outdoors.

Paul Schnorbus
Machinist, likes Legos, machining, target shooting, camping, and a well-told story.

Sam Schnorbus
Shop Assistant, recently graduated from UNR and enjoys snowboarding, paintballing, and shooting.

Emery Schreckengost
GIS Analyst/Shop Technical Assistant, provides GIS expertise to our trail and sidewalk assessment projects, attends UNR and enjoys music, hiking, reading, and traveling.

Alexa Schreckengost
Office Assistant, a student a UNR, loves spending time with her husband and family, reading a good book, solving puzzles, and cooking delicious meals.

Stephanie Stephens
Research Assistant, recently married and residing in India, where she continues to work for Beneficial Designs and is learning to cook amazing food.

Paola Vazquez
Office Assistant, attends WNC and enjoys being with family, jogging, and working with children.


Todd Ackerman
Trail and Sidewalk Assessment Coordinator, leads trail and sidewalk assessments and enjoys outdoor activities, traveling with his wife, and teaching the trail assessment process.

Nathan Tolbert
Lead developer of the Sidewalk Assessment Process, continues to serve as a presenter and trainer for both the trail and sidewalk assessment processes. He loves being outdoors with his wife and sons and is super involved with our local community, supporting a vast array of programs.

Sharon Vazquez
Administrative Assistant, enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, and living life.

Ed Alexander
Valet Computer

Small business computer consultants, helping small businesses with their technology needs.

Mary Axelson

George Clary
Technical Consultant, assists with amusement park ride recommendations and provides input on electromechanical system design and assessment technologies.

Eric Class

Martin Clemons
Electrical Engineer, designed the HETAP 3 electronics and firmware and is the lead engineer for the new DORAP assessment process that uses mobile devices to assess outdoor recreation environments.

Barton Cline
Software Developer and Electronics Technician, assists with maintaining and improving HETAP and PROWAP software and equipment.

Chris Lynskey (Board Member)
Chris is experienced in the sidewalk assessment process and has a vast range of financial and management experiences. He loves golf, skiing, and gets exercise when he and his wife are walked by Micah their golden retriever.

Kent Nelson (Board Member)
Kent is a UTAP trainer who also assists with designing amusement park ride recommendations. For BD as a whole, he offers valuable advice based on common sense and an ability to see to the heart of issues.

Tip Ray
Trail Assessment Coordinator, helps with trail trainings and assessments.

Jonathan Skelton
Trail Assessment Coordinator, helps with trail and sidewalk assessments, especially on the East Coast, where he is also a substitute teacher.