Rotational Penetrometer 100 Series


Rotational Penetrometer
100 Series

the surface testing tool

The Rotational Penetrometer 100 Series is an Instrumented Surface Indenter (ISI), which provides objective, fast, accurate, on-site firmness and stability readings for builders, architects, site planners, land managers, and more. Proven to correlate with ASTM F1951 firmness and stability test results, the Rotational Penetrometer is the perfect tool to measure the exact quality of a surface.


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Rotational Penetrometer 100 Series kit

  • Rotational Penetrometer
  • User manual
  • Instructional video
  • Data recording forms
  • Clipboard
  • Air pump with calibrated air gauge
  • Temperature/humidity sensor
  • Spare caliper battery
  • Case for carrying and storing precision measurement components
  • Checklist

instructional videos

The following videos lead you through the process of receiving and unpacking, setup, and normal usage of your Rotational Penetrometer.