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communicating to everyone

Clear and immediate communication to people of various languages and abilities is essential for accessibility. Beneficial Designs continues to draft new symbols as well as edit existing symbol designs, in order to meet the constant challenge to instruct, inform, or warn individuals in a universally understandable format. Beneficial Designs symbols are open to the public and symbol use is encouraged in order to promote universal understanding and consistency in access information symbology.

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trail access

TAI symbols

Beneficial Designs has been developing and improving Trail Access Information (TAI) symbols for years. Each symbol is commonly used in trail access maps and information signage in order to indicate the various characteristics which determine the objective difficulty of a trail. The first symbol, representing trail access information, may be used to represent the information or a sign where TAI is displayed. Symbols may also be displayed in various colors.

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cross slope
tread width
surface quality

sidewalk access

SAI symbols

Sidewalk Access Information (SAI) symbols are designed to represent the various access characteristics found in the public right-of-way environment. The symbol uses a common pedestrian figure and utilizes a circle outline, similar to a traffic light shape. These symbols may be used in varying colors and sizes.

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sidewalk pedestrian
sidewalk grade
sidewalk cross slope
sidewalk tread width
sidewalk surface quality
sidewalk obstruction
sidewalk curb ramp
Sidewalk Access Information (SAI)

mobility travel

ATAT symbols

Mobility devices, which must be stored in baggage areas below commercial aircraft, are often damaged by the time they are returned to the passenger upon arrival. While some assistive technologies are designed with specific travel features, each device should include specific labeling to instruct baggage handlers about the proper methods of transportation. Assistive Technology for Air Travel (ATAT) labeling symbols have been developed in order to increase both the speed and safety of the handling and stowage of mobility technologies. Each symbol may be used on either the mobility device or any attached configuration material.

The downloadable Symbol Toolkit below provides all of the ATAT labeling symbols along with various Pantone color schemes which supply adequate luminance contrast above 80% for maximum visibility. Larger sizes are recommended, with label diameter no less than 0.5 inch.

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battery connection 1
unoccupied mass
manual lift point
manual lift point b
manual lift point c
brake release
brake release b
brake release c
brake engage
brake engage b
brake engage c