tools for life

providing assistive technologies for those in need

tools for life

providing assistive technologies
for those in need


“Dear Tools For Life,

Thank you for providing a way for me to be mobilized. I am always amazed at technology that makes the impossible possible… What freedom I felt and no aches and pains afterwards… It is the emotional toll of isolation that changes everything when you can’t even go the short distances to a storage shed, the garage, the school room, or take a walk with family. This travel scooter makes a lot of “what ifs” possible for me.

I thank God for your vision. Once again, He didn’t answer any of the ways I thought He could – He always surprises me… I am forever thankful for your part in it.”


tools for life

Tools for Life is a Nevada nonprofit corporation focused on the provision of assistive technologies to persons who are unable to fully participate in daily life, work, or leisure activities due to some type of mobility impairment resulting from injury or disease. Tools for Life was originally started to provide information on people and organizations that facilitate the provision of adaptive seating and mobility equipment to persons with disabilities throughout the world where these technologies are not readily available. Over the past 20 years, in Nevada’s Carson Valley and surrounding areas, Tools for Life has been providing assistive technologies for individuals who had no other sources of support to obtain the adaptive equipment that they needed. The technologies that are made available through Tools for Life have enabled community members to participate in activities of daily living, work, and leisure. Tools for Life reviews each need on a case-by-case basis to determine appropriate access to the expertise and resources necessary to meet a particular person’s needs. Tools for Life focuses on the needs of persons with mobility impairments, both locally and internationally. An application is available to help connect you or a loved one with the mobility tools they need.

Tools for life has helped to provide numerous community members in the Carson Valley with manual and powered wheelchairs and scooters to maintain their mobility. Here are a few of the projects we have supported…

a prosthetic leg

A young woman with one leg was in need of a prosthetic leg with a microprocessor knee. After years of trying prosthetics that did not suit her needs, Tools for Life connected her with the right people to provide her the technology that matched her active lifestyle. The article is available from the Record-Courier.

hand controls

A senior member in the Carson Valley needed hand controls for her car as a result of losing the function in her right leg. The hand controls that were available from a disabled Veteran, who no longer needed them, allowed her to maintain her independence in driving for a couple more years. A rollator was also made available to her in order to enable her to exercise around her neighborhood.

hand cycle

A Stanford engineering design program gave birth to a hand cycle that would balance on two wheels. The product evolved into a custom-made tandem hand cycle that allowed a non-ambulatory person to ride with an ambulatory rider. Tools for Life helped offer this design solution to a non-ambulatory young man that wanted to be able to ride a bike with his mom.


In order to provide you or someone you know with the mobility tools you need, please fill out our online application by clicking the link below. We look forward to helping meet your needs.


We greatly appreciate any support in order to continue assisting those in need. For more information on donating to Tools for Life, please click on the button below. Thank you!