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What exactly is a campsite?
The Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) Accessibility Standards gives the following definition:

A camping facility is a site, or a portion of a site, that is developed for outdoor recreational purposes and contains camping units.

A camping unit is an outdoor space in a camping facility that is used for camping and contains outdoor constructed features, parking spaces for RVs or other vehicles, tent pads or tent platforms, or camp shelters.


campsite access

Are your campsites accessible to people of all abilities?

accessible features

Access to a site is not enough if a user cannot use the elements contained within that site. The features of the site might include tent pads, tables, fire rings, rest rooms, and water hydrants. Each of these elements of a campsite have numerous components that all amount to an accessible feature. The Developed Outdoor Recreation Assessment Process (DORAP) enables the quick, objective, and accurate measurement of all campsite accessibility elements.

benefit everyone

Collection of objective information allows land managers to determine if they have trails that meet the ABA or USFS guidelines for Accessibility when constructing new campsites or reconstructing existing campsites. Understanding the objective campsite feature data will ensure compliance with the latest accessibility guidelines, reduce liability, and increase campsite usage.