dynamic cross-country ski

dynamic cross-country



dynamic cross-country ski

the need

Nordic ski equipment for people with mobility limitations consists of a seating support and frame chassis mounted on cross-country skis. Fixed at standard cross-country track width, the skis join the frame with industrial shock mounts. The shocks allow the skis to flex beneath the skier for a smooth ride, but cannot store the energy of a push to be released at a later time.

forward momentum

cross-country skiing with efficiency

cross-country skiing with efficiency

ski tips down while reaching forward with poles
poles are pulled through, causing the ski spring to snap back into a rear-tilted position

the solution

The addition of a suspension capable of transmitting a dynamic kick would permit cross-country ski users with mobility limitations to maintain forward momentum between each pole stroke.

dynamic design

The dynamic cross-country ski has gone through numerous iterations, beginning with a version built on wheels used for training on land, allowing the skier to tilt fore and aft for increased range of motion. Springs pull the skier into a rear-tilted position. When reaching forward with poles, the skier tilts into a forward position, stretching the springs. As the skier poles through, the springs snap the skier back into a rear-tilted position producing a kick-and-glide effect.

The prototype has been implemented in a version that can be used on the snow. The device has practical application for speed and racing efficiency for cross-country skiers with lower extremity impairments.


This project is sponsored by Beneficial Designs, Inc.