Future access to chairlifts is in jeopardy!


Future access to chairlifts
is in jeopardy!

call to ACTION

by Peter Axelson

If we as the adaptive ski community do not act quickly and with a unified voice, chairlifts could be changed so as not to support Sit-skis.  We need your expertise and help!

The liability of keeping skiers on lifts is radically changing the design of chairlifts to resemble amusement park ride seating. Seats with crotch pins and dividers between them prevent escape from the chair and access for Sit-skiers is not feasible. The solution? Require a percentage of chairs with a more traditional design. We have an opportunity to determine the configuration of the perfect Universal access chairlift. We need programs to quickly tell us which chair designs work best and why.

by 19 February 2021

we need...

see meeting link and email form below

1) feedback

Please share any feedback on how well different types of Sit-skis, Mono-skis and Bi-skis, (SMBs) load onto and/or off of different types of chairlifts! We are going to use your feedback to justify why the ski lift standards committee must require a minimum percentage of Universal Access chairs that are designed for adaptive Sit-skis and equipment included on the chairlift cable.

2) form

For each chairlift, we would like you to complete what you can in the PDF form below. Please download, open, complete, and return either by email or using the email form at the bottom of this page.

If you are not able to make the measurements that is fine. However, writing down what works or does not work about the chair is the most important information we need to know. This will provide us with the information needed to develop specifications for Universal Access chairlifts.

Please tell us if this is a chair that works well for loading and unloading sit skiers and why.

3) photographs

Additionally, please send us photographs illustrating how well different types of Sit-skis, Mono-skis and Bi-skis, (SMBs) load onto and/or off of different types of chairlifts.

  • A side and quarter view image of Sit-Skiers loading onto and/or unloading off of a chairlift are desired. See below for samples.
  • Both independent and assisted images would be helpful.

Please email the images to pax@beneficialdesigns.com

or text the images to me at 775.790.1210

or email me using the
form at the bottom of this page.

sample images

The following images represent the types of photographs we need:

1) Side view of skier on chair

2) Front quarter view of skier loading onto chair

sample front-quarter image of sit-ski on chairlift

1) Side view of skier on chair

2) Front quarter view of skier loading onto chair

sample front-quarter image of sit-ski on chairlift

the new

Bubble Canopy

the new

Bubble Canopy

The feedback that we have received with regard to getting Sit-skiers on and off the new Bubble canopy lifts revealed the following:

Steep tilted back seat angles make it difficult to get back into and out of chairlift seats.

Lack of arm rails makes it difficult for independent Sit-skiers to get on and off the chair.

Comfort/restraint bars with crotch pins are not compatible with Sit-skiers as the pin that come down between the legs does not work for a Sit-skier.

No seat to back gap prevents wrapping of a restraint line around the back support.

Tall back supports make it impossible to hook with an elbow or hold on to the chair.

Foot supports at every seat position make it difficult to put the restraint bar down.

Contoured seats with dividers make it difficult to load adaptive skiers.

Soft heated seats with hard plastic crotch pin receivers create restrictions to sliding on and off the chair.

The ANSI B77 committee that writes standards for the design, safety and operation of ski lifts is now aware that these design issues create safety and access barriers for Sit-ski, Mono-ski and Bi-ski users to ride these lifts. It appears that restraint bars with crotch pins are being quickly adopted as a way to prevent skiers from falling from ski lifts.

It appears that chairs with access features will need to be spaced onto the cable in between the chairs that do not provide access features.  

emergency meeting

Monday, 22 February 2021, 4:00 PM MT

Monday, 22 February 2021

4:00 PM MT

The RESNA ASE committee has been asked to specify the performance parameters of chairlift designs that work well.

We are prepared to hold an emergency meeting of the RESNA Adaptive Sports Equipment Standards Committee to address these issues. Anyone is encouraged to attend and participate in the meeting. Please communicate if you would like to attend and provide your input at the meeting. The tentative date for the meeting will be Monday evening the 22nd of February 2021 to make it easier for others to attend.

Thank you

Peter Axelson

Chair of RESNA Adaptive Sports Equipment Committee on Sit-skis, Mono-skis and Bi-skis.

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Monday, 22 February 2021
4:00 PM MT

Meeting ID: 823 0558 8305
Passcode: 243090

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Find your local number: 

act NOW

Please fill out the form below as many times as you like. Attachments may be uploaded.
Otherwise, please return the completed form along with any photos and feedback of the chairlifts:

email: pax@beneficialdesigns.com
text: +1 775 790 1210

act NOW

before access is denied